Progress Notes v3

New Progress Notes Promotion will go Live on Monday, October 2, 2017

Dear Providers,

This memo will explain the steps to be taken with staff to ensure they are prepared prior to the new progress notes (PN) promotion which will go Live on Monday, October 2, 2017.

It is important that Program Managers and QI Staff in receipt of this e-mail review the materials and please SHARE with your line staff and administrative staff. All direct service staff must view the video tutorials to ensure they understand and can use the new progress note functionality.

As current users have access to enter progress notes, a classroom training to gain access is not necessary. For new staff that have not yet attended and passed a CCBH PN class or CP/PN class, they will need to sign up for the standard CCBH classes and will then learn the new progress note functionality.

The following link will be made available during the transition which will open a web page to view the video tutorials and download documents:

Additionally, the tutorials and all documents will be available on the Optum Website under County Staff & Providers/Organizational Provider Public Documents/ Trainings (tab):

Included materials:

  • Three short MP4 tutorials demonstrating click through for informational progress notes, individual progress notes and group progress notes.

  • Progress Notes Resource Packet. This includes CCBH entry of informational notes, individual progress notes and group notes.

  • Administrative Staff Progress Note Corrections packet. This includes tips sheets, appendices and matrix.

  • Clinical Staff Progress Note Corrections packet. This includes tip sheets, appendices and matrix.

The progress notes corrections process has changed with this promotion. All existing progress notes will be converted to the new format and corrections for these existing services will need to be completed using the new process. There is a new corrections packet for both administrative and clinical staff.

As a reminder, during the weekend prior to the promotion, Saturday evening (9/30) to approximately Monday afternoon (10/2), the LIVE environment will be unavailable due to this planned update. It is suggested that programs plan accordingly and take this into consideration when documenting in the EHR the days prior to Sept 30th.  Programs are expected to maintain and adhere to County and Medi-Cal documentation standards regardless of the status of the Electronic Health Record.

Please direct any questions and/or comments to the QI Matters mailbox:

Video Tutorials

Individual Note

Informational Note

Group Note